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Lady Owned Toyotas Ambassador Application

Thank you for taking a greater interest in the Lady Owned Toyotas Group! We are a growing company & social group and we appreciate your enthusiasm! Your application will be shared to and discussed by the admissions group. A final decision will be made by our group Founder & President, Jamie Handel. Jamie will reach out to you with the decision of your application. Please keep in mind that there are many criteria for being an ambassador in your area. The title is not handed out freely, and there are responsibilities that come along with being one of our ambassadors. We need to get to know you through this application process. These questions are not meant to be offensive, please answer them as honestly as possible. We are asking these questions to get a better understanding of you, your thought processes, and your reactions to situations. Please be as thorough with your answers as possible.

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Brand Ambassador Application Questionnaire:

Lady Owned Toyotas is not only an off-roading group.




Lady Owned Toyotas is not an "Off-Roading" only group.  Vehicles can put you in dangerous situations no matter the type of driving you enjoy.

Lady Owned Toyotas is a Partner with Tread Lightly!

Lady Owned Toyotas does not encourage nor support illegal activities in our vehicles, street racing, unsanctioned racing, burnouts, quarter mile drag racing, driving through meadows, lake shores, wetlands, streams, or alpine tundra, defamation of structures, destruction of private property or public lands, etc.

By submitting this application, you understand it is not an automatic acceptance for being an ambassador. You understand that the application process may take longer than a month for a response. You understand that we have time periods for bringing on new groups of ambassadors, and the closest timeframe from your application date may have just passed. If so, you will be included in the following timeframe group of applicants.
**If you feel your application has been lost, you will need to reach out to a group admin not Jamie Handel directly. We will make sure you are still in the review group. Please understand that Jamie Handel is an extremely busy individual and LOT is not her primary job. The admin group is in place to lessen the stress of communication on her, so please lean on us for any intermediary questions.