2021 Events

We have a ton of great events planned in 2021! Please note that we have COVID restrictions in mind, but we still want to go out, have fun, and meet new people. If you have any questions about events, please find your state's ambassadors or the regional leads and reach out to them. 

There are always events added to our Facebook group (CLICK HERE)


Events for 2021:


03/12/2021 OREGON-Oregon City Rigs & Coffee

03/18/2021 TENNESSEE - Shamrock Shakedown by Titan Offroad

03/20/2021 TEXAS - March - Mud and Bugs

03/20/2021 COLORADO - Snow Run on Switzerland Trail

03/20/2021 OREGON- LOT Crashes the Dunes

03/20/2021 OREGON - Team Overland Sand Dunes Meet & Greet!

03/26/2021 Pennsylvania - Ladies of Infidel wheeling weekend